Network for Extreme Envoriment Research participates in COP25

The meeting “Conferences of the parties” (COP25) aims to make international political decisions to combat climate change and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

The objective was to discuss issues related to the damage of the climate change, adaptation to it, the necessary technology transfer forfight back the situation in the most vulnerable related countries. On Monday, December 9th, in the city of Madrid, our associated researcher Dr. Francisco Matus shared his knowledge with his presentation entitled “The sequestration of carbon in the soil is a solution based on nature” in a  “Chat show” with other experts of the field, Dr. Pablo A. Marquet, Dr. Laura Ramajo and Dr. Thelma Krug discussed the options and solutions that the ecosystem has with its own biological performance to implement cost-effective solutions, address the climate crisis and learn more about the adaptation mechanisms used.

Our researcher was invited by the Meri NGO Foundation belonging to Philanthropy Cortés Solari, a philanthropic foundation for Integral and Sustainable Development in Chile.

Wrote and edited by:

 Bq. Francisca Gómez – Bq. María Javiera guarda

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