NEXER collaboration with the Australian National University in the Screening of endangered plant species of Australian soils project

The Network for Extreme Environments Research (NEXER) was present in Australia as a collaborator for a project of the Australian National University (ANU), with the aim of generate a screening of endangered plant species that could become extinct under natural conditions. The main person in charge of this project is Dr. Adrienne Nicotra who is part of ANU as the main executor. With its great collaborators such as NEXER, some botanical gardens and the country’s own national parks, it is hoped to jointly establish medium-long-term species conservation strategies, facing the impact generated by climate change, that could put them in danger of extinction, and that are currently classified as vulnerable species.

Dr. León Bravo, researcher of the network of extreme environments, traveled to Australia with the aim of studying and searching for plants that are in a category of vulnerability in Australian high Andean ecosystems. In this context, NEXER has visited many parts of the worldsearching atypical plants, and study how they manage to survive in unconventional environments, however Australia was not yet a place that NEXER had managed to reach, until now.

Written by: BQ. Francisca Gómez

Edited by: BQ. María Javiera Guarda


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