Network for Extreme Environment Research - NEXER NEXER promotes science outreach through WEBINAR streaming

Since 2016 the Network for Extreme Environments Research – NEXER has focused on increasing collaboration and generation of networks with the aim of exploring the biodiversity and interaction of ecosystems, studying the origin, evolution and adaptation of various species in extreme environments, as well as analyzing the effects of climate change and studying the biogeochemical cycles in these environments. All these studies are carried out by the associate members of the network as principal investigators and also associates.

This is how the NEXER – CHILE outreach team began broadcasting NEXER members. From Antofagasta to Magallanes they have been present in the last three streamings and we will continue to have the presence of important researchers in the coming weeks. His objectives, research, work, trajectory are some of the topics that are addressed through  Zoom  in addition to streaming on YouTube and social networks every Thursday at 6:00 p.m. – Chile.

We look forward to have you every Thursday with the members of NEXER network, through our YouTube channel @DIVULGACIONBIORENYNEXER, Subscribe and join our streamings and also visit all our social media: you can find us on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook as @NEXERCHILE.

We are waiting for you to talk about the work of the network and our incredible innovations.



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